CNBC's Rovell Playbook: The Business of College Bowl Games


Give me an F! Give me an O!--give me another O! Wait--let's stop there--it'll take too long to spell football this way--but we gave it the old college try. Speaking of college football--as we now are--some pretty important decisions are coming up this Sunday on just who will play in the 5 major bowl games.

CNBC's Darren Rovell goes into the huddle--to see who the big winners are--and he's not just talking about the final score. It's big business.

Looking at the numbers--Darren says Notre Dame could be a big winner in the pocket book if they play in a BCS bowl game. They'd get around $4.5 million to keep for themselves--because the Irish football team is a non-conference team.

And Darren says the entire WAC conference will do well if Boise State University goes bowl bound--the whole conference could split $17.1 million.

If you're thinking of going to the games in person--Darren says the costs are high. The average ticket to the Rose Bowl is around $1,000. And don't forget the costs of air travel--hotels and food. A Boise State fan could pay up to $1500 for just a plane ticket to Arizona (where their game would be) to see them play. Guess this is why TV was invented.

Go team go!