Outlook 07

Tobias Levkovich, Chief U.S. Equity Strategist, Citigroup


In an exclusive interview on cnbc.com’s home page, Levkovich discusses 2007’s promising sectors with CNBC's Becky Quick.

The strategist is very optimistic about the technology sector in 2007, explaining that “tech is one area where we need some upgrades” and that “corporate cash for the tech area is overflowing.”

Tobias Levkovich Interview, Pt. 1

He points to security software and “especially” the chip industry as likely growth areas for the coming year, with “a big kick-up in semiconductor stocks … probably in the first quarter, more certainly in the first half” of 2007.

Levkovich refrained from making any stock picks,  but pointed to companies with big market capitalizations as having the advantage of greater defensive posture from “international” exposure, such as top pharmaceutical and energy firms.

Tobias Levkovich Interview, Pt. 2

And in a macro view, he muses that “in 2000, everyone was excited about stocks" but they should have been looking ahead at commodities, like oil and gold.