Street Signs

Apple Humming The Right iPod Tune?


Apple seems to be humming right along. Its stock is up 50% over the last six months. CNBC's Jim Goldman appeared on "Street Signs" to talk about the computer giant. Goldman says the company is expecting it's biggest holiday season ever. The iPod is selling better than expected with some 40 million units sold this year alone. Apple has also sold some 1.5 million Macs per quarter--over the last 8 quarters.

Goldman says Apple is just surging and planning to get into TV--and announce some major plans that way at the company's annual meeting in January.

CNBC's Erin Burnett asked him about the Forrester Research report that said Apple's iPod was actually down in sales. Goldman responded by saying all the analysts he's talked to say--the report might be flawed--because they see sales booming. Forrester reported iPod sales down by some 65% in the first half of this year.

Apple Shares on the Move