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CNBC Rings NYSE Opening Bell to Celebrate Million Dollar Challenge

The CNBC.com Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge is on. And to help mark the occasion, some heavy hitters from CNBC got to ring today's opening bell at the NYSE.

On hand were CNBC President Mark Hoffman, Vice President of CNBC News Jonathan Wald, CNBC.com Vice President and Executive Producer Meredith Stark, as well as Vice President of Marketing Tom Clendenin. Also there were CNBC anchors Maria Bartiromo, Erin Burnett, Mark Haines and Dylan Ratigan.

The contest started on Monday of this week and lasts until May 25, 2007. When all trades are processed, the finalist with the highest total portfolio value will be declared the grand prize winner and be entitled to receive the grand prize--$1 million.

Here are the details: In CNBC.com's Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, you play the market starting with $1 million CNBC Bucks. Every day you'll be ranked based on the size of your portfolio, and each week we'll award a winner $10,000 for earning the largest weekly percentage gain.

At the end of ten weeks, the weekly winners, plus the ten highest ranked players, will qualify for the finals. (Here are the rules)

On May 14, those twenty street-savvy investors start all over with $1 million CNBC Bucks in a brand-new portfolio. They'll compete to see who can build the biggest portfolio in just two weeks. It's a winner-take-all challenge for $1 million. (that's real money!)

So whether you're in from the beginning or late to the game, have a strong long-term strategy or one solid week, you can make it to the finals for the chance to win $1 million. So don't wait! The sooner you get in, the sooner you can win!  Sign up today!

CNBC Rings the Opening Bell
CNBC President Mark Hoffman rings the opening bell at the NYSE
Wed. Mar. 7 2007 | 9:28:00 AM [00:41]