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No. 1 - Wall Street's Slump

Wall Street stocks may break out of sub-prime slump on earnings.

Goldman Sachs … Lehman Brothers … Bear Stearns … these names conjure images of one thing - making money. But with a mortgage lending crisis brewing and a recent stock market swoon, these three investment banks have lost a combined $17 billion in market value in the last month. Next week, they release earnings. Is the broker bull run over, or should you bet with the house?

Before we start you should know Jon Najarian filled in for Eric Bolling today.

Guy Adami says Monday morning he’s buying Goldman Sachs (GS) because everyone on Wall Street is overestimating their exposure to the sub-prime meltdown and China.

Jon Najarian also loves Lehman Brother (LEH), because “you’ve got traders.” In other words it’s not just an earnings play. They make money from trading and their customers need these guys now. Najarian says, traders can’t just force an order into a system and hope they get something back. They will call the guys on the trading desk and that makes them all the more valuable.

Jeff Macke says his question is why you need to put money in companies like Goldman (GS) when you don’t know if they’re exposed to the sub-prime weakness or China. If you like the banking play, he says why not look at AG Edwards (AGE) or Thomas Weisel Partners Group (TWPG). They don’t have the same exposure to risk.

Jon Najarian has the takedown. He says those guys are only doing executions. GS is doing the execution and the trade.

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On MAR 9, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders.Najarian Owns (BA), (GS), (KLAC), (LVS), (LEH), (MSFT), (NE), (PDE), (STP) Is Short (HOG) Strazzini Owns (T), (YHOO), (BRCM), (SNDK), (TXN), (NSM) is short (HOG) On 1/25 Najarian owned (MSFT)