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Fast Money Madness Pt. 1: NYX vs. ICE

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As the NCAA tournament heats up, we're pairing off the most-talked about 64 companies on the street. Here are the rules once more:

From tech to healthcare, financials to industrials we here at Fast Money seeded the stocks based on Wall Street analyst opinion. The higher the opinion, the higher the seeding.

The Fast Money Five will determine the winners through heated debate, bracket by bracket. We'll battle through the Elite Eight and the Final Four - And end up with a national champion -- the best stock out there, as decided by our guys.

The first region to battle it out is the financials.

The #1 seed, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK), run by the John Wooden of finance, Warren Buffett, takes its patient, slow-tempo style up against the fast-breaking Loyola Marmount-like Fortress Investment Group (FIG), the first team to make the tourney from the newly formed hedge fund conference.

A possible AIG - Berkshire Hathaway match-up looms in the Elite Eight if the world's biggest insurer can hold off #15 seed Washington Mutual (WM) in the first round.

American International Group (AIG), trying to move on after being forced to fire their Bobby Knight -- Hank Greenberg -- will also have to go through the most profitable firm on Wall Street, Goldman Sachs (GS), to get there.

The most heated match-up of the opening round comes between rivals from the exchange conference. #13 seed NYSE Group (NYX), led by former Goldman assistant coach John Thain, takes on the Intercontental Exchange (ICE), the #4 seed.

Here’s our big match up…Intercontinental Exchange v. the NYSE.

Eric Bolling says NYX is imploding on itself. The volumes are going away. ICE is increasing volumes as much as 35% a year.

Guy Adami says he likes NYX, but he likes ICE more.

Jeff Macke says the NYSE has a lot more opportunity to grow. They will do whatever they need to do, they are an unstoppable juggernaut.

Tim Strazzini says NYX is giving people greater access to markets and when that happens volumes increase dramatically.  He sees this as a huge growth story.

In a split decision it comes down to the Comissioner: Dylan decides since they’ve been in business since the 18th century it’s the NYSE which advances to the next round!

Here’s a quick recap of the games already played (the winners are in bold).

#1Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) vs. #16 Fortress Investment Group (FIG)

#8JPMorgan (JPM) vs. #9 Legg Mason (LM)

#5 MetLife (MET) vs. #12 Morgan Stanley (MS)

#6 Wells Fargo (WFC) vs. #11 Bank of America (BAC)

#3 Capital One (COF) vs. #14 Aetna (AET)

#7 Citigroup (C) vs. #10Goldman Sachs (GS)

#2 AIG vs. 15 Washington Mutual (WM)

Fast Money Madness: NYSE Group vs. Intercontinental

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Trader disclosure:
On MAR 13, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders:
Bolling owns (ICE), (NMX), (PMI) put Options, (XOM), Gold, Silver, Soybeans, is short Corn. Strazzini owns (BRCM), (CHK), (MER). Najarian is short (MBI), is short (RYL), is short (CTX), is short (NDE), is short (HD), is short (HRB), is short (LOW), is short (HOG).