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Portfolio Challenge Update: Standings And Trades


Well, the first weekly winner has been declared--Nancy Beaumont--and she will be removed from the leaderboard. So how are the others doing? Here's a look from yesterday's action.

Scott Wrynn maintains the top spot in the leaderboard for the second day in a row with his portfolio valued at $1,700,660.24. His gain Tuesday was based solely on the accumulation of $3,000 more of bonus bucks, though he has issued an all-in buy order for Crystallex on 3/13 for which the gain/loss will be available after today's close.

His first trade on 3/5 was Fremont General and he went almost all-in buying 168,000 shares at $5.89 per share or $989,000. He sold out of the position on 3/7at $8.53 making $443,520. On 3/7 he bought 1800 shares of CV Therapeutics   at $9.40, and sold all 1800 on 3/12 at $9.33 losing $126.00

On 3/8, Scott went all-in on 520,144 shares of Crystallex Intl.  at $2.76, or $1,435,597.44. Scott sold all of his KRY holdings on 3/12 at $3.22 for a gain of $239,266.24.

Scott has $18,000 in bonus bucks. He is no longer in cash, he is all-in on KRY, purchasing 568,782 shares at $2.99.

Jason Kaplan is #2 with a portfolio valued at $1,623,054.26 and he has gone all-in on almost every trade, and has bought some shares we haven't heard much about to date. He initially executed the SYKE trade on 3/5 as many leaders have, making $231,984.37. He bought Payless (PSS) on 3/6 all-in at $31.43 and sold on 3/7 for a gain of $100,983.01.

Jason bought Coldwater Creek    on 3/7 all-in at $17.73, selling his holdings on 3/8 at $18.35 for a gain of $46,821.78. He bought Cooper Companies  on 3/8 all-in at $45.71 and sold it on 3/9 at $47.82 for a gain of $64,106.02. Jason bought Jo-ann Stores    on 3/12 for $22.88 and sold it on 3/13 for $25.71 for a gain of $178,323.96. He also held a position in Suntech Power    and suffered a small loss and has entered a buy on Clean Harbors .

Some Winning Trades from Friday's 4 pm close to Monday's 4 pm close:

Tom Online a Hong Kong based ADR, gained 26.76% if you bought it on Friday at 11.62 and sold it yesterday at 14.73 on a buyout offer.

Dollar General   (DG) gained 25.56% on private equity.

Credit Acceptance Corp    gained 19.11% on earnings.

Crystallex gained 17.09% and was in the number 1 and 2 spot on the leader board Tuesday, on rumors of a Russian takeover.

Akzo Nobel   up 16.47%, on news that it was selling its drug business to SGP.

Thanks to Gina Francolla for all her work on the stats.

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