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Power Lunch Contest Video And Trivia Questions


Here is the daily contest video update from today's "Power Lunch." Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera go down the list of names from the regular contest as well as "Trading With The Stars." They also go over today's trivia questions for those interested in the bonus bucks. Several leaders on the non-celeb board have used them to get ahead--or at least increase their chances.

So--here are the trivia questions for today:

1. CD sales have the music industry singing the blues. From a year ago, how much have sales dropped for the first three months of the year?
2. According to Phil LeBeau's blog on, what will Huyndai's new luxury car be called?

Answer selections can be found here.

EXTRA: Phil LeBeau's blog is here. (you have to dig a bit to find the answer)

Trading with the Stars Update

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