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Are You Diversified? - Wednesday, March 28


“This is not a game of poker,” Cramer says. “Three of a kind don’t cut it.” Get out of IBM because it’s flatlining, he says, but he doesn’t want to own Microsoft either. Cramer does want to stick with Boeing and Apple. Sirius is a speculative name, but “How about a health name? How about a retailer?” Cramer asks. Brett’s portfolio needs some work to be truly diversified.

Cramer is wrestling with whether he still regards Google as a tech company, or if it has turned into a media company. He’s going to bless it as media for now. So with Google, along with Apple, a fabulous retailer in Sears, a broker and an exchange (which is different from a broker), Kevin is diversified - and three of his five stocks are in Cramer's own charitable trust! Nicely done, Kevin.

Am I Diversified?

“You got a gaming company … a food company … a tobacco company … you have the premier auto company in the world and Cheniere, which is frankly a second-rate energy company,” Cramer says. Even with Cheniere, which Cramer recommends he swap out of, Lou has a diversified portfolio and gets the blessing.

Two out of three ain’t bad.

Jim's charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs, NYSE Group, Toyota Motor and Sears Holdings.

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