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Celeb Judy Gold: "Invest in China? I have Dishes!"


Trading With The Stars' Judy Gold is currently in 5th place, after being in 4th after being in 6th. (scorecards please). But is she happy staying where she is? (where is she? oh yeah, 5th) No, she's not! In fact she went to the source--Wall Street itself--to get just the tips she needs. And we have the video to prove it. What kind of advice did she get? Well, how about buying pears instead of apple? (haha--yes, someone said it).

But Judy proved she's no stranger to the markets. When talking to CNBC's Liz Claman, Judy was happy to point out that when given the advice to buy China--she thought--mm..I have enough dinnerware--oh, YOU MEAN THE COUNTRY!! HELLO! (someone did tell her to buy a Chinese restaurant. Maybe the dinnerware..can go there?)

Moving on. When asked if she's changing her portfolio--she said she'd probably change her publicity photo first! (It looks good to us). Judy does have a career as a CNBC reporter--if this stock thing doesn't work out.

Judy's "golden" holdings:

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