Million Dollar Buzz

CMGI: Closer Look At The Leader


CMGI is the stock leader on most actives and most widely held from our latest stats. Why? We might not be able to answer that question completely, but we'll provide some information on the stock here.

What it does (get settled, it's a long answer): through its subsidiaries, CMGI provides supply chain management services and marketing distribution solutions that help businesses market, sell, and distribute their products worldwide. It services include consulting and demand planning, sourcing and supply base management, manufacturing and product configuration, logistics management, marketing distribution and print-on-demand, e-commerce, sales support, and after market services, including testing, repair, and asset disposition. (wait, there's more!!) The company serves hardware manufacturers, software publishers, storage and consumer electronic device manufacturers, telecommunication carriers, and broadband and wireless service providers. In addition, CMGI, through its affiliated venture capital group, invests in early-stage and mid-stage technology companies. The company, formerly known as CMG Information Services, Inc., was incorporated in 1986. CMGI is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

That's a lot of description for sure. To break it down somewhat, CMGI's sector is technology and its industry is internet software and services and is a billion dollar company.

What it may come down to is this (remember, I'm no expert). Some call it a hold over from the heydays of the .com era. But regardless--it makes a product, it's a $2 stock, it's had rumors of a takeoverand it's doubled in price over the last few months. For a contest like ours, it certainly makes sense that it could bring big benefits to players. As for long term investment in your personal portfolio--that's a whole different matter.

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