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CNBC International Celebrates 100 Years of Aviation with TV Special. Exclusive Production, Sponsored by EADS, Airs Sunday, December 14 at 9pm

CNBC Europe

WASHINGTON, DC (DECEMBER 4, 2003) - CNBC International is pleased to announce the forthcoming premier of 'The Power of Flight', an hour-long television special celebrating the centennial of flight through 100 years of global winged adventure.

The program, which is scheduled to air on CNBC US and CNBC World on Sunday, December 14 at 9PM ET (re-airing at 12:00 am ET), profiles the leading figures who have transformed our world through the advancement of aviation.

'The Power of Flight' features interviews with well-known pioneers, aviators and historians, discussions on the current status and future of aviation, and chronicles the impact of flight on world affairs and the advancement and future achievements of the aviation industry. It reveals photos and video from private archives featuring Bleriot, Dornier, Junkers, Messerschmitt, and Heinkel, footage made exclusively available for this production.

'The Power of Flight' is divided into four chapters: the past, the present, the impact, and the future impact of technology, discussed by a panel of influential guests, including Bill Gunston, author and historian; Valery Bezverkhny, Chairman of the Board of Irkut, Russia's largest airplane manufacturer; and David Neeleman, CEO, JetBlue. The program is anchored by John Defterios, a leading business journalist in Europe and the US.

'The Power of Flight' was conceived and developed by CNBC International and is being supported by EADS, a world leader in aerospace. Prior to the December 14 broadcast, the program will be promoted on air via 30 second promotional trailers. In addition, it will be supported by a vignette campaign on CNBC featuring interviews with EADS executives discussing the relevance of the centennial of flight on aerospace today.

Mick Buckley, Executive Vice President and Commercial Director, on behalf of CNBC International, said: "We are extremely proud of this production as it brings to light the international contributions, competition and collaboration that led so famously to the First Flight at Kitty Hawk and beyond - into aviation's impact on our global economy today."

Mr. Ralph Crosby, Chairman and CEO of EADS North America, noted: "As we celebrate the centennial of manned flight, EADS is proud to support a program that captures the great international tradition of aerospace. Like our predecessors who conceived and flew the earliest gliders, to the crews constructing the A380 today, we feel the passion that has driven aviation to the central role it plays in our society."