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CNBC Launches New On Air Look and Tag Line

Singapore, 30 October, 2006 – CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, has launched a new tag line and on air look today, to further strengthen the global identity of the network.

“Our new tag line and on air look reinforces CNBC’s position as the world leader in business news, and strengthens the unified and consistent communication of the brand globally,” said Jeremy Pink, President and Managing Director CNBC Asia Pacific. “They also heighten the awareness of the CNBC’s brand and core offerings to an elite group of audience, comprising of C-suite Executives, senior business decision makers as well as high net worth individuals.”

The tagline “First in Business Worldwide” illustrates the growing importance that the CNBC viewers put in our products. As opposed to being passive viewers, research shows that more and more CNBC audience act on, and makes decisions based on our news and information.  In Asia Pacific alone, research shows that 70% of CNBC viewers have made a financial decision after watching our channel.

“This is a testament to the quality of business news programs that CNBC, as a global network, produces,” said Pink. “CNBC is clearly considered to be a resource, to getting ahead in the financial and business world, and our new global tagline reflects our new positioning.”

CNBC’s new on air look also better reflects our new positioning as a business and financial resource. The new on air look will incorporate a global motif, different font, more graphics, and more 3 dimensional animated backgrounds.  Our new on air look does not only present our information more clearly and succinctly, it is also a holistic approach to unify the network globally.

“CNBC’s DNA is to make business news comprehensive, and at the same time, engaging.  Our new look enhances the delivery of our unique offering,” said Pink.  “This initiative not only strengthens our global identity, but also makes the viewing of our channel even more pleasurable.”

"CNBC is a specialized channel, offering high quality financial and business news, to a focused, elite set of audience members," concludes Pink. “We believe that our new look and tag line will enhance the visibility of our channel, and highlight the brand and unique offerings to our target viewers.”

About CNBC Asia Pacific:

CNBC Asia Pacific is uniquely positioned to speak to viewers from across the region. Headquartered in Singapore, the network provides eight hours of live Asia-produced programming, which is complemented with coverage of live market action from Europe and the US. CNBC Asia Pacific's channels, which include CNBC Asia, CNBC-TV18 (India), CNBC Pakistan, Nikkei-CNBC (Japan) are available in more than 21 countries across the Asia Pacific region. CNBC also has a strategic alliance with China Business Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shanghai Media Group and a partnership with Etomato, one of the top business channels providing 24 hour business news and financial information through cable platforms in South Korea.  The channels are distributed via satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcast networks, as well as broadband. CNBC content is also distributed on the 3G platform through selective markets. For more information, please visit us at

CNBC is 100% owned and managed by NBC Universal, which is the broadcasting unit of GE, the ‘World’s Most Admired’ company in FORTUNE magazine's annual poll of executives (March 2006).