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Greenberg Pounces On The Lone Wolf

Forget The Hatfields and McCoy’s – that was a feud.  When CNBC Contributor and Senior MarketWatch columnist Herb Greenberg is in the house – you’re in for a “Street Fight.”

Of course, Herb and the guys are friends – but they’re also what you might call competitive. And nothing brings Herb more satisfaction than attempting to take the traders down.

Jeff Macke

Herb is gunning for the Lone Wolf. On April 11th Jeff called The Gap (GPS) a rutterless ship because they don’t have a CEO!

Herb pounces, “A new CEO takes time! The company is already making changes!”

Jeff sneers, “How do you turn a company around with no one in charge?”

Dylan Ratigan rules in favor of Jeff Macke, but admits he could change his mind when The Gap appoints a new Chief Executive.

Street Fight

Tim Strazzini

Herb is looking to send The Risk Doctor to the hospital.

On April 23rd Tim Strazzini liked Texas Instruments (TXN) going forward into the second half of the year.

Herb nearly screeches, “How do you know the inventory correction is over??!!  They’re telling investors that demand is right around the corner. Where’s the demand going to come from?"

The Risk Doctor can't be shaken. “Texas Instruments demonstrated they are containing costs. That will boost earnings without any growth,” answers Tim calmly.

Dylan declares Tim the winner and Herb immediately demands an official challenge which sends this decision to the panel.

What was Herb thinking? Eric, Guy and Jeff all rule for Tim.

Eric Bolling

On March 29th Herb slaughtered The Admiral for recommending Republic Airways (RJET)

Eric seems almost gleeful. He says currently RJET shares are a losing bet. "Their costs are going up and their revenue is going down. Who would want to own this stock???"

“The stock is up 23% for the year,” Herb cries. "The current dip comes from pilot attrition. It's short term pain for long term gain."

Attrition schma-trition! Dylan doesn’t want to here it. Eric Bolling wins!

Guy Adami

Looks like The Negotiator is getting off easy this week.  But there's always next Thursday....

Street Fight

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