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Guest Blogger Mishlove: Monday's Contest Picks

Hey everyone, here's Jeff Mishlove with his latest round of contest stock picks. He seems to be doing pretty well with his picks. Are you? Here he is: As I reported in Friday’s blog, and earlier, Week 8 of the contest was a thrilling experience for me – as I ended up on the weekly leaderboard in second place – with a portfolio that appreciated 112.98% for the week.

Last week, Week 9, was almost as interesting. One of my portfolios was up 98.5% for the week! This is a performance that, to my knowledge, is better than that of any weekly winner prior to Week 8. However, it was not sufficient to even allow my name to appear on the weekly leaderboard. This means that at least ten other people had equity appreciation better than 98.5% for the week. I guess this should not be surprising, since there are now well over 1.5 million portfolios entered into the contest.

Although my back-to-back weekly performances fell short of being awarded the weekly prize of $10,000, I can’t help but feel encouraged that the methods I have been using are working very nicely. There is no doubt that this contest has helped me to greatly hone my stock picking skills.

Those of you who would like to understand the details of the methods I have been using need simply read my previous posts to the Million Dollar Buzz as well as the HandbookI have written for contestants in CNBC’s Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. (You can connect to the Handbook on the link directly above or in the Million Dollar Links box on the first page of the Million Dollar Buzz.)

Now, without further ado, allow me to share with you – in alphabetical order – my five recommendations for purchase prior to Monday’s close:

aQuantive Inc., , is an internet service provider whose stock is currently trading just below its seven-year high. Short sellers control almost 12% of the stock float.

Cincinnati Bell  , a telecommunications provider, is now at a 2-year high. Short sellers control . Like AQNT, short sellers also control almost 12% of the stock float. If the earnings report is positive, they’ll be calling home for their Mama.

J2 Global Communications provides internet software and services. The stock is trading at a nine-month high. Short sellers control almost 10% of the stock float.

Blue Nile operates as an online retailer of diamonds and fine jewelry. The stock is now trading at its all-time high. Short sellers control almost 30% of the stock float. Need I say more?

inVentive Health provides value added services to the pharmaceutical and life science industries. The stock is now trading very close to its all-time high. Short sellers control over 8% of the stock float.

In spite of all my logic and research, at the end of the day, the market will decide for itself. And, of course, whether the earnings reports are above or below expectation is a closely held secret until official release.

Jeffrey Mishlove is author of Jeffrey Mishlove’s Handbook for Contestants in CNBC’s 2007 Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. He is a commodity trading advisor and is creator of

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