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"Big Three" Remain On Top On Leaderboard

Good morning. There are no changes in the top three spots on the leaderboard. Serge Amelyan continues to play it conservative in the top spot all in cash. Shi Nisman is #2 and could dethrone Serge on his all-in bet on Hillenbrand. Meanwhile, Carl Altenburg holds onto 3rd place and is betting on AIG. Serge remains in the lead with a total portfolio value of $4,886,454.68 up $3,000 in bonus bucks from Wednesday's total. As we said, Serge remains all in cash.

Shi holds the #2 spot with a total portfolio value of $4,736,507.23. Shi is now all-in on Hillenbrand Industries at $67.29 after its 10.04% gain Thursday--on news that it would split into 2 independent companie and spin off its medical technology business.

Carl Altenburg, in the #3 spot, with a portfolio value of $4,594,001.98--but widens his gap from the top with a $94,397.30 loss on Valero Energy Corp. which fell 2.08% Thursday. Carl is now all-in on AIG at $72.20 hoping for strong earnings after the bell Thursday. AIG's profit rose 29%, but also stated that its consumer finance business was hit by the shake-out in the subprime mortgage business which will result in "significant costs" for the business.

Name                       Portfolio Value
1. Serge Amelyan          $4,886,454.68
2. Shi Nisman                 4,736,507.23 
3. Carl Altenburg             4,594,001.98 
4. Stephen Luchko          4,510,931.38
5. David Gibbons             4,506,201.12 
6. Steven Lee                4,485,860.91
7. Mary Williams              4,291,754.89
8. Stephen Luchko          4,119,155.53
9. Joe Dondero               3,913,151.74
10. Eric Pirhalla               3,502,241.62
11. Lina Kim                   3,465,763.67
12. Ban Tran                  3,328,516.10
13. Sean Kyong Kim         3,286,704.87
14. Christine Ferrigno       3,227,486.70 
15. Deborah Taft             3,215,825.00
16. Chishyan Chang         3,200,780.97
17. Mark Dallas               3,188,970.57
18. William LaDue            3,184,729.45
19. Barry Schoelch          3,171,372.20
20. Ban Tran                  3,170,440.66 

This week's current top percentage gainers:
1. William Gabriel  
2. William Gabriel
3. Niick Carraway
4. William Gabriel
5. Nick Carraway  
6. William Gabriel
7. William Gabriel
8. Nick Carraway
9. William Gabriel
10. Nick Carraway

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