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Cramer's Dirty Dozen: Part 2


Cramer’s giving Homer Gamers 12 of the most aggressively bought stocks on the market tonight. You might want to buy these names because the demand, coupled with a shrinking supply, is pushing prices north at a quick pace. We already covered Whirpool. Here are the other 11.

Black & Decker : Only 64.8 million shares trading. The stock is already on a roll, Cramer says. Can you imagine how much better it will be when the market improves?

Dirty Dozen Pt. 3

Just for the sake of comparison, Exxon Mobile has a float of 5.63 billion shares. Big funds don’t have the ability to push this stock higher the way they would Black & Decker, which could see a pop as dozens of mutual funds aggressively stake their positions.

Allegheny Tech : ATI makes steel for a couple of hot bull markets right now – aerospace and ethanol. The Street can’t get enough of ATI, so consider buying in.

General Cable : BGC makes the power cable that’s being buried across the eastern half of the country in an attempt to prevent another massive black out, like the one seen in 2003. With 51.9 million shares trading, the Street's voracious appetite for this stock cannot be satisfied.

Honeywell : HON has a large float compared to BGC and ATI with 779 million shares, but it’s nowhere near XOM’s 5 billion. Honeywell is making way more money than expected, Cramer says, and the CEO, Dave Cote is doing a bang-up job.

American Standard : Everybody's favorite toilet company just reported a great quarter, and it’s actually being split into three companies. You buy one now, you get two free. Kitchen and bath never looked this good.

Johnson Controls : According to Cramer, JCI is the only auto stock worth owning. It makes its money selling auto parts. “It's such a rarity that it becomes the proxy for auto exposure,” he says, “but with only 197 million shares trading, JCI becomes a very expensive proxy.”

Caterpillar and Terex : The guys who are hiring McDermott and Foster-Wheeler to build things in petrochemical and powerplant land in turn go buy the equipment they need from CAT and Terex.

Deere : Deere is the new Schlumberger , Cramer says. It's the new oil-service company for renewable agricultural fuels.

Cramer admits that the Street loves Mastercard and Apple, and right now they’d love to get their hands on some First Solar – thus the big equity offering coming up – but it's this dirty dozen that's the unquestionable love of the small world of Wall Street.

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