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Celeb Moneymaker-Money "Loser" But Good Sport


Well, with a name like Moneymaker, you'd think he'd do better than last place, but that wasn't the case for world champion poker player Chris Moneymaker. As we told you, Chris finished dead last and in 10th place in Trading with the Stars. But no matter, his favorite charity--Wounded Warriors--got $5,000 for having Chris just play. Thanks Chris for taking the time to be part of Trading with the Stars. Chris ended the contest with a total of $968,066.93.

His final stock holdings were:
He gaind $42K on his 40,868 shares of Allscripts Healthcare Inc. up 4.64% Friday.
1 share of
1 share of J2 Global Comm.
1 share of Gigamedia.

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FYI-Chris was one of two people who lost more than they started with--the $1,000,000 CNBC bucks.

Here's some video with a look back at Chris's "thoughts" during the contest--with some comments by fellow contestant Judy Gold.

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