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Second Chance: New Name Again Tops List


Here's what's happening in the Second Chance Showdown. Matthew Martinez takes the lead in the Second Chance contest on strong performance by Axciom, buying it on news late Wednesday that it would be acquired by two private equity firms, and earnings news. Lisabeth Szczepanek stays in second place gaining $108K with Raven Industries--which was up on strong earnings news.

Matthew has a total portfolio value of $1,613,727.84 up $247,110.08, or 18.08% from Wednesday's total establishing him as the leader. He sold 57,736 shares of Axciom Corp.  for a profit of $241K. His initial trade on Winn-Dixie made him $371,814 on its 1-day gain of 37.18% Matthew is now all-in on Saks Inc.

Lisabeth is in second with a total portfolio value of $1,535,410.00 up $108,126.00 from Wednesday. She sold 48,056 shares of Raven Industries for a profit of $108K. She is now all-in on Rockwood Holdings Inc.

Name                                 Portfolio Value
1. Matthew Martinez              $1,613,727.84
2. Lisabeth Szczepanek            1,535,410.00
3. Frank Caruso                      1,475,739.25  
4. Steve Ogullukian                 1,467,681.85
5. Travis Brooks                      1,465,841.80
6. Magali Serrano                    1,434,153.36
7. Warren Taake                     1,429,335.19
8. Cassie O'Connor                  1 415,545.75
9. Kiran Bhattarai                    1,407,620.30
10. Jennifer Sundberg              1,406,073.16

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