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Finalist Williams: No Personal Stocks-But Picks Winners


Mary Sue Williams says she doesn't own any personal stock--hard to believe considering she's one of the twenty finalists competing in the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. If she didn't own any before, she sure knows how to pick them now. She's currently in 5th place and out to win the $1,000,000 prize--with just two days to go. (check out our slideshow for all the finalists)

Mary Sue is a food server at a local Italian restaurant in her home town of St.Clairsville, Ohio. She and her husband have two daughters ages, 19 and 13. Mary Sue says if she wins the prize money, she intends to use if for her kids' college educations. Mary Sue got to the finals by being one of our top ten portfolio value holders. She's hoping the strategy that got her this far--focusing on earnings--will make her the million dollar winner.

Here is her current portfolio value and holdings.
Mary Williams: $1,239,988.34 up $19,181.25 +1.57% on Wednesday.
Sold 42,625 shares of Shanda Interactive up 1.57% Wednesday for a gain of $19K, $54K since she purchased it on 5/21
She is now all-in on Metal Management .

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