Big Idea Could Be "Licking" Your Face (Right Now!)


Have you ever wanted to make millions with a new business but just couldn't find the right "Big Idea?" That big idea might be staring you in the face, or better yet, it might be licking you in the face. That's right, your pet could be your next business partner! Last night my guests’ ideas had one thing in common: they made millions from our four-legged friends! The national market for pet products is a huge industry, so why not jump right in?

Humunga Tongue

Last night you saw ideas like the “Humunga Tongue” dog toy from Moodypet.comand designer dog products such as Sherpa Bags and Sexy Beast dog perfume. Who'd have thought you could even make millions in the professional pooper-scooper business? The people behind all those ideas found ways to improve the day-to-day life of their pets, and at the same time, made themselves millions. Perhaps most inspiring of all -- the story of a Victoria's Secret model, who when diagnosed with a brain tumor found not only a reason to live but also a way to make money with her pets.

What I can’t help to think is, how many of these ideas are still right in front of us? What’s the next million-dollar idea that comes from right under our noses? If there’s one thing you can learn from The Big Idea: there are no obstacles too great to stop a great idea from coming into reality. And that great idea just might be barking at you right now.

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