Is the stock market heading for a summer swoon or summer sizzle?


"Sizzle, everyone has learned to take their profits because cash is just as good as money. You must sell to keep your money."
-- D.P.

"The almost 25 basis point rise in yield in the 10 year, with the following fall all in the last 24 hours, reminds me quite a bit of a blow off top. If interest rates do stabilize then we will continue to sizzle."
-- Pete  S., Connecticut

“Swoon, bond yields are rising siphoning off equity inflows and exacerbating the start of the current sell off.”
-- Kanto E., New York

“As long as the Fed doesn't start raising interest rates again and slow the economy down any further than it already has, we stand a good chance of having a moderate summer stock market. Neither a summer swoon nor a summer sizzle, but a relatively stable market.”
-- Paul F., New Jersey

“The market will do whatever it has to do to shake out the average investor. Summer will fluctuate wildly but by year-end we will be 18 percent higher than present levels. Let the shakeout begin. It is almost time to buy more.”
-- Lowell C., Florida

"Global growth is not going to slow for a long time. We may take a little volatility for a few weeks, then I think we are going to have a fantastic Summer rally in engineering, construction materials and commodities including oil and gas."
-- David, Florida

“Middle incomers like to spend and so does the rest of America; spenders are not going away. I say sizzle!"
-- Jeanie, Florida

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“I’m seeing a nice sizzle for June, July and August, a bit of a pullback in September & October and a strong finish in November and December.”
-- Ed R., Pennsylvania

"This market reminds me of summer of 2005; interest rates on the rise and energy prices going through the roof. We had a correction then only to end up with a nice summer rally. The fundamentals still look strong. I believe we will have a summer sizzle."                             
-- Cliff, California

"Stagnation, except in energy stocks -- they're gonna sizzle!"
-- Dave F., Maryland

"Swoon, look at middle income spending; there is none. I call it the garbage man check, you see no old products or empty boxes of new stuff bought."
-- Joe, Pennsylvania