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On the Line: Acadia Pharma CEO Uli Hacksell

Acadia Pharmaceuticals is a bit riskier of a stock pick than other big pharma companies, but it has some unbelievable drugs, Cramer said.

CEO Dr. Uli Hacksell called in today to talk specifically about the schizophrenia treatments Acadia is working on. The most advanced of the two programs it has going just finished a Phase II trial, and now the company is looking for a partner to help take the drug through Phase III.

“We think it’s very important for us to have a pharma partner that really can help us move forward through the Phase III program,” Hacksell said, “and then finally optimize the commercial potential of the drug on the market.”

“I reiterate my buy at $14,” Cramer said. “I think this stock could see $20 next year at this time.”

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