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Dear Jim: I want to know whether I should hold onto Cisco Systems or get rid of it. You picked it as your number-three growth stock of the year, but it doesn't seem to be moving much. One of its competitors, Aruba Networks , seems to be moving along a lot more than CSCO. Should we hold onto CSCO or get rid of it now? Where do you think it will go? --Kyle

Cramer says: “I think that Cisco is just about to have its move – this is when you should be buying Cisco.”


Dear Jim: Is UBS insane? They just downgraded Caterpillar and gave it a $70 price target. They quote elevated valuations. With a P/E of 15 and predicted 14% growth from ‘07 to ‘08, what is up with the downgrade? --Eric

Cramer says: "Lets just say I think [UBS] is not right about the stock, and I bought a lot of it for my charitable trust right into its downgrade."


Dear Jim: Boo-yah from Missouri! Thanks for the fantabulous show! I recently watched your show about the dangers of fighting the cycle. Having just backed up the truck on NYSE Euronext, I'm concerned. Am I fighting some sector decline cycle with NYX? If so...has the cycle bottomed? --Steve

Dear Jim: Recently you did a segment that concerned the possible acquisition of Monster Worldwide and the changing of key senior management for a possible takeover bid. With all the M&A in the online advertising industry, Valueclick recently made a somewhat parallel key shift with the CEO James Zarley who has successfully managed VCLK since 1999 with Tom Vadnais. In the past, Vadnais was the CEO of two prior companies that were acquired, Data Processing Resources, which was purchased by Compuware, and MediaPlex, which was purchased by Valueclick in 2001. Do you think that Valueclick is changing the CEO role specifically for a possible acquisition target? --John

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “Valueclick on its own is worth this price. You could get lucky with a takeover, but I’d own VCLK on the earnings alone.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Caterpillar, Yahoo! and NYSE Euronext.

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