America's Top States for Business 2007

America's Top States For Business -- On The Road In North Carolina

We're at the mercy of the numbers for our journey through America's Top States For Business (that, and the increasingly delay-prone airline industry). Otherwise, with an entire weekend to get to our first destination, we probably would not have chosen North Carolina--a two-hour flight by regional jet from our home base in the New York City area.

North Carolina, however, ranked No. 5 in our countdown, so North Carolina it is for Monday. At least we got more of the weekend to rest up. Besides, North Carolina is a nice place to start. Lush, green and friendly, the Tar Heel state is refreshingly unassuming about its well-earned reputation as a great state for business.

Top States for Business

Naturally, the first leg of our journey--the one that offers a little bit of room for error--has gone off without a hitch. Perfect flying weather and no delays.

The rest of the week, we should be so lucky. The plan goes something like this: Each day at the conclusion of “Power Lunch”, producer Courtney Ford and I will pack up and race to the airport to catch our flight to the next day's destination. “Power Lunch” ends at 2p ET, and you have to get to the airport a little early these days with the stepped-up security. Remember, we have to go where the numbers take us and suffice it to say not every location is as convenient as North Carolina. So this should be interesting.

The trip has been carefully choreographed by Courtney--and no one is better at that than she is. Still, our journey covers nearly 6,000 miles in six days. (And packing for six flights in less than a week with only carry-on luggage. You try it sometime.) Will we catch every flight, make every connection, and get to every location in time?  You'll have to watch. I don't know about you, but the suspense is killing me.