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Trading At The Mall

Same-store sales numbers released Thursday were mostly lackluster – so we went right to the source and asked shoppers what they’re buying, anyway. In Face 2 Face we turn on the webcam at the Mall of America.

First Brian joins the conversation first. He plays in a band and goes to school in South Dakota.

Face 2 Face

Where are you spending your money?

Brian says he takes his Dad’s credit card and goes to Abercrombie (ANF), American Eagle (AEO) and other top fashion stores. He spends $100 - $700.

How often?

Once a week, says Brian.

Holy Cow replies Dylan. Does your father know that?

Brian is quiet.

Jeff Macke says he’s not surprised that Abercrombie is attracting Brian's business but tells the panel to sell the stock.

Next, Alia joins the conversation. She’s a mother of 3 who is celebrating her son's birthday

Are gas prices affecting you?

Yes, she says. Every time I go to the pump I wince.

Where do you shop?

Nordstrom (JWN) and I try to keep on budget. Not more than a few hundred a month.

Jeff Macke says the consumer isn’t dead, he’s sleeping. Eric Bolling says he’s waking up!

Face 2 Face

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