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See What People Are Saying On July 19th

The screen goes black when I click video play button.

-- William K.

For what this is worth - you're not alone. I'm learning that was designed for Internet Explorer.  My guess is that you're using a different browser which tends to be hit or miss.

Is it possible for you to access the site using IE? That's usually does the trick. I hope this helps.

-- Lee Brodie


I had a good chuckle when you mentioned on Wednesday's Fast Money that China plans to shoot rockets into the clouds to control rainfall for the Olympics. 

Ever wonder why you never see it raining in Moscow during any parades in Red Square?

My Russian wife and stepson told me once that their air force knows how to make certain that it doesn't rain during important celebrations and that government leaders commonly issue guarantees that it won't rain on important days.

Thinking that this was as ridiculous as it sounded, I did a web search and found that the Russians do actually perform cloud seeding by sending up jets that make the rain fall before it reaches the city.  Apparently the Chinese use similar technology but they send up rockets instead of  aircraft.

Believe it or not, the Russians used this technology after the Chernobyl disaster to remove radioactive particles from the air before they reached Russia.  Unfortunately the citizens of the other nations such as Belarus who lived where the particles did fall weren't too happy about this!

Strange but true!

-- Michael E from Florida

Thanks for writing to us Mike. Who knew?

-- Lee Brodie

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