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Mercedes-Benz TV: Take It For A Spin On The Web

If you are a Mercedes Benz fan, you may have already tuned in to the latest attempt by the automaker to reach out to buyers. It's called It's actually on the Mercedes Benz Web site www.mercedes-benz.tvand it is perhaps one of the best sites run by an automaker, when it comes to advancing the placement of a brand.

Mercedes TV works because the content is varied and updated. This has long been a frustration I've heard from car buyers and enthusiasts. They go on-line, watch a video or news clip about a particular model or brand, and that's it. For weeks after that, the video is not updated. But with Mercedes TV, which recently launched, the videos are expected to be updated regularly. Also, the clips have variety ranging from a segment on designing the C-Class, to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, to the making of a Formula 1 commercial with Lewis Hamilton. Granted, you may not care for every clip, but with that amount of variety, you want to go back to the site on a regular basis. Check it out:

DaimlerChrysler released preliminary second quarter earnings for it's Mercedes division and the company's profits surged 74 percent, with profit margins rising to 9.6%, that's well above the company's target of 7%. This is the latest indication Mercedes is back on track with its cars and SUV's connecting with buyers. Look at the demand for the GL, E, and C Class. Sales for those 3 models are up substantially year over year, with the GL class rising an astounding 124%! This is not surprising given the company's latest designs have been spot-on. Also, Mercedes appears to have licked the quality issues that tarnished the company's reputation a few years ago.

If Daimler is to thrive by focusing on building the Mercedes brand, expanding profit margins will be the key. The 2Q results show Mercedes is well on its way to delivering on that promise. The full results will come out in late August.

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