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It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Zimmer Holdings : This is too good a company to be kept down for long, but Zimmer missed the quarter. And with so many other companies that reported good numbers, “you’re going to be in the doghouse for a while,” Cramer said. He recommends considering whether or not to buy more if the stock dips to $73 or $74.

Jack in the Box : If the market opens down on Monday, Cramer thinks investors could buy a position in JBX.

Lightning Round

Manitowoc : Investors should let the stock come under $70, before they consider buying.

Woodward Governor : This is in the bull market of aerospace and infrastructure, and Cramer said the stock should climb back up once the market rallies.

Sears Holdings : Cramer admits Sears is in a “tough, tough bind,” and “people are trading it as if it were left for dead.” But he’s not giving up on Eddie Lampert. Others may, but he will not.

Alcoa : “I got too greedy on Alcoa.” Cramer said he should have declared victory in the mid-$40s. Now the stock is at $37.41.

Toyota Motor : Cramer likes Toyota for the long term.

Macy’s : Everybody’s giving up on Macy’s just like they’re giving up on Sears, but Cramer wants to pull the trigger here. He’d rather run toward what he thinks could be a house of pleasure than view this as a house of pain.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Sears Holdings and Toyota Motor.

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