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Booyah Jim: I want to thank you not just for teaching me how to make money, but also for teaching me how to not LOSE often overlooked part of the overall picture. Based on your Monday night "worst case scenario" show I decided to put a sell on strength order in on my Buffalo Wild Wings , which was executed while I was at work on Tuesday…Had I not sold into the early rally I would have been crushed after the bell. While BWLD was not a stock you mentioned by name, your Monday night show taught me to fish on my own rather than relying on you to reel it in for me. I am happy to say that I am now completely out of the bad sectors with cash ready to deploy on weakness in the bull markets that you have identified for us. --Ken

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “This is what the show is about. It’s about teaching. Somebody got through.”


Dear Jim: Your soundboard rocks... I created a monster; I showed it to my 12-year-old twins and now I hear it all day while they are on the computer. Anyway, I have a position in EMC Corp.. Would I be better off selling it and buying VMware on its IPO date or keeping it, hoping that it will increase as the value of VMware stock increases? Also, what is the best way for the "Home Gamer" to buy VMware? Should we just bite the bullet and buy at the market the second it trades? --Wayne

Booyah Jim: What is going on with Yamana Gold ... is the failing acquisition attempt really worth this big a drop in price, or is this stock currently really on sale? Thanks for the great books and the motivation; you really keep this game fun! --Brad

Cramer says: “None of the gold stocks are doing good…but I want to stick with yamana because I still think it’s the best growth stock in the gold business.”

Jim's charitable trust owns EMC.

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