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John Daly: Should He Be Spokesman For Coke? Weigh In

Diet Coke

Imagine there is a sports star and he's absolutely obsessed with your product. Sure he has some major issues here and there, but he's a fan favorite. And he can't live a day without your product. Would you take a chance on him? How could you not?

In an era where it's sometimes hard to believe that athletes really use the products they pitch, John Daly is what they call a breath of fresh air. He loves Diet Coke. Loves it.

According to his autobiography, he consumes 514 gallons of the stuff a year. That's about 15 cans a day for those that are counting.

So the question is, as we stare at Daly at the top of the field at the PGA Championship today, should he be on Coca-Cola's endorsement roster? For him, it really doesn't matter. Diet Coke is cheap enough. At 15 cans a day that's about $368 when you buy it in bulk. He can afford that. Weigh in by voting in the poll.

But what about Coke? Is it unhealthy to be associated with a star who maybe drinks more than he should. What message does that send? Or should Coke not worry about messages and just worry about the bottom line--the guy loves the stuff. I can see the commercial now--the overweight Daly trying the new Diet Coke with Vitamins.

I've put up two polls so far and I've been intrigued with the results. Readers were split on whether American Express made the right decision by dumping Tiger Woods, but more people thought that the Barry Bonds Home Run Ball NO. 756 was worth more than $500,000.

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