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Bryan Gaffin, VP, Group Creative Director at G2 Direct & Digital writes to say that his division and not G2 Branding & Design is responsible for the new Pfizer website. They're part of the same company, WPP Group, but separate divisions. Credit where credit is due.

And as long as we're on the topic of Pfizer, here are a couple of ideas readers sent about what the company should buy (Disclaimer: I am not endorsing any sector or stock):

"As a former MD and a current employee in the pharma industry, the best thing Pfizer can do is buy a generic company... and fast. PBMs (pharmacy benefit managers -- the companies that fill prescriptions) are going to increasingly say more generics please, as more and more of us need health care."


"Pfizer should be interested in companies like Monogram Biosciences for acquisition. With HIV and cancer diagnostic tests under development, they would not only provide a new revenue source for Pfizer but ensure better treatment for the patients… a win-win situation."
--Erik Z.

I still get more emails on Dendreon and Provenge than on any other company or drug.

"Mike, thanks for keeping the pressure on the FDA. They need to be brought into the 21st Century before they kill us all!!!"


Ted, thanks for the email, but I'm not pressuring the FDA to do anything. I'm just reporting on the ongoing developments in the Dendreon story.

"I've caught some of your reports on the Dendreon story over the past few months. You're doing terrific work! Keep it up! You're a hero to so many men who are being denied their right to life."

--Matt J., Prostate Cancer Advocate

Matt, and many others, go on to request more media attention be paid to the alleged conflicts of interest held by at least one of the doctors on the FDA Advisory Committee that reviewed Provenge.

As evidence that the Dendreon story continues to be such a lightning rod, every time I simply put the word "Dendreon" or "Provenge" in a blog post, page views spike.

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