Funny Business with Jane Wells

Angelo Mozilo Unplugged

Angelo Mozilo

The Countrywide Investor Relations site is promoting its 2007 Investor Forum. It takes place Sep. 5-6 and includes a "Servicing Tour"at the company's offices in Simi Valley, followed by a day-long panel discussion and Q&A at headquarters in Calabasas. Discussions include a "Servicing Overview -- Managing Through Turbulent Times" and "Bank Integration and Capital Strategies."


But, me being me, the thing that  caught my eye was the cocktail reception the night of the 5th, which includes something called "Angelo Mozilo 'Unplugged.'" Will that be his first appearance? Will it include a guitar? A karaoke machine singing "My Way"?

My imagination runs wild. But let's hope investors haven't become completely unplugged by then.

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