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Michael Vick: The More Things To Know Edition

Michael Vick

With a grand jury scheduled to meet Monday and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick reportedly exploring plea options on his dogfighting charges, we're making this blog today an all All-Vick Edition:

*What will be Vick's legacy when all of this is over? Vick's Wikipedia entry currently has 4,570 words on his playing career (including high school, college and the NFL) and 3,030 words on his dogfighting charges. I'm saying that by the end of this year, the dogfighting material will trump anything he has done on the field.

*Michael Vick has the most Google hits of any active NFL quarterback and might have the most hits in the entire league. He has 3.28 million hits, compared to say, Tom Brady (2.32 million), Peyton Manning (1.91 million) and Donovan McNabb (1.13 million). If a player's name is not unique enough, it will return unrelated entries. For example, a search for a common name like Ray Lewis comes back with 19.8 million entries.

*Despite all the negativity surrounding Michael Vick, the price of Vick items on eBay , perhaps buoyed by new unlicensed Vick-hating memorabilia, remained relatively steady over the last couple months. That was until this week, when Vick items saw a noticeable price drop. Over the last 12 weeks, items of the troubled Atlanta Falcons quarterback sold for an average of $18.61. This past week, Vick items only averaged $13.08. That doesn't mean the demand is less. It just means that the supply is more. The number of items sold over the last two weeks has tripled from the average week.

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