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Madden Rings: How Long Would YOU Play To Get One?


Last week, I was singing the praises of Electronic Arts, which is giving Madden gamers the option of winning real rings in the game this year. The people at EA wouldn’t tell me--or perhaps didn’t know--how long it would take to get to the third level of ring, where you order a real ring. But thank you to reader Stephen Wilde, who wrote in that he had finally reached the third level.

“I saw your article on the Madden rings and I see that you were asking how long it takes to unlock the third ring. Well I’m finishing up getting the third ring now and, judging by what I have left, I would say (it takes) about 67 hours. I agree this feature is awesome. I’ve been playing Madden for years and years and I love this addition. I’ll be buying my own ring--that’s for sure."

I’m glad we now have this information, I’m just a little bit concerned with Stephen’s welfare. You see, Stephen said he got the game at midnight on Monday and was writing me that he had played about 67 hours by Friday at 11 a.m. If my calculations are right, that means that he only spent 17 hours NOT playing Madden. Wilde, by the way, notes that it took him about 18 hours of gameplay to get to the first ring.

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