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Are You Diversified?


Just because the market seems to be returning to relative normalcy lately doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. If Cramer didn’t try to protect you from the things you can’t see, don’t expect and can’t predict, what kind of an educator would he be?

Tech, food, auto, cable and a spec in Jones – “that’s fine with me,” Cramer said.

A tech, an infra play, a big manufacturer, a soft drink company and an aerospace – “Wow! I am likin’ that portfolio tremendously,” Cramer said.

J&J and P&G are two companies that Cramer thinks are too much alike. He would stick with Procter but swap out Johnson & Johnson for a defense play.

Google and Apple – are they too much alike? Cramer blesses this portfolio under the argument that Google is becoming more of an advertising play and less of a tech play.

Am I Diversified?

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