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Tech Check on "Closing Bell" today is a fun one. The first product I talk about is the "Panoply" from Hewlett-Packard . It's a 120-degree, curved screen that could be a gamer's heaven! HP has shown this in prototype form before, but it appears this is getting closer and closer to a real product release. The display runs on a curved projection screen by bending plywood backing and covering it with a white Formica-like material, and to keep costs down, engineers used off-the-shelf portable projectors.

The secret sauce here is a software system that automatically aligns, calibrates and color adjusts the images on screen. The computer "sees" the image using a PC video camera and the computer then lines up the multiple images to create one seamless single image. You can get more information on the "Panoply" by visiting .

For home theater junkies, you gotta check out the Beovision 7 from Bang & Olufsen: a 40 inch LCD flat screen, integrated, motorized DVD loading system that illuminates the disk, a 7.1 surround sound setup, high-def (of course), dual glass screens that gives it a signature, B&O look, motorized placement to eliminate ambient glare, and a sweet little remote that controls everything. This truly does look as good as it sounds, but it'll cost you: $13,250. You can view more of it at; but keep your PC at a safe distance. There's a drool factor here.

Finally, we all know jib-jab and the fun the company has with all things topical. Now you can make your own jib-jab movies with a new feature on the site aptly called "Starring You!" You can upload your own headshots and jib-jab's software will do the rest. We uploaded some shots of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates hula dancing together. "Hysterical" doesn't do this justice! So get your creative juices flowing and be your own jib-jab producer. You can find the fun at Enjoy!

And remember, if you've got cool tech gadgets or unusual websites that you think might fit into an upcoming TechCheck, send 'em along!

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