Funny Business with Jane Wells

Females Like Pink Because They Picked Red Fruit?!

Luscious red apples

Girls like pink more than boys. Now, I know this totally blows away all your preconceived notions about gender and color. Oh wait.

A visual neuroscientist, Dr. Anya Hurlbert, has determined that women do, in fact, like pink more than men. Actually, females like all reddish tones more than males. Why? We don't know why. But Dr. Hurlbert suggests in Current Biology that it goes back millions of years. "Females were the ones who gathered red fruit against a green is healthy in faces and in fruits." What?! Red fruit? Like Eve and the apple? That's why we like pink? What about all the orange, yellow, purple, green fruit? Why aren't we bananas over yellow?

Hmmm. Here's a thought. Maybe females like pink because we're surrounded by it from the moment we are born! But I'm no neuroscientist.

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