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Apple Hacker Hotz: Price Is Right For iPhone Trade


He's the 17-year-old Apple hacker who figured out a way to "unlock" the iPhone so it would work on his T-Mobile SIM card, instead of the AT&TSIM card it came with?

George enjoyed a whirlwind of press coverage, including quite a bit here on CNBC. I filed for "The Today Show" on Saturday about him. And all just in time, the day before he'd be happily ensconced on campus at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he enrolled as a Freshman yesterday.

Today, his escapades are paying off. Seems George has found a suitor in the form of Terry Daidone, the co-founder of cell phone repair business CertiCell in Louisville, KY. Daidone wants that hacked iPhone, which was going for a slightly unreasonable $150 million on eBay . Daidone will trade George a spankin' new Nissan 350Z and three new iPhones for the hacked one.

Better still: George has signed on as a paid consultant for CertiCell and is heading south this week for a company visit. You can get more details on the CertiCell web site, though company officials aren't commenting.

"I have it in writing," George told the San Jose Mercury News. "It's all signed and good."

Still no word on that Google summer internship he's pushing for, but it appears George is well on his way into, ummmm, monetizing his 15 minutes of fame.

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