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Reem Acra: Designer 'Sews' Staying Power


In a sex- saturated culture, ladylike and elegant are not often used when describing fashion design. While Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera have built empires on elegant and stately--they tend to appeal to a demographic older than twenty-something. Yet Reem Acra may be one designer soon to take her place alongside those names when it comes to rich and elegant formalwear.

The designer who made her name creating intricately beaded wedding gowns brought a similar sensibility to the couture dresses and gowns that she paraded down the promenade runway at Bryant park this Sunday.

From the debut satin dress in mustard gold with purple accents to the emerald green satin gown to the collection of see through gauzy blouses that topped off floral skirts--the entire collection was very feminine and tastefully sexy.

The see-through shirts were conservative in styling--buttoning up to the neck despite being transparent. The long flowing skirts had tasteful lingerie slips covering the essentials but were see-through from the thighs down. She made great use of jewel tones throughout the show. The penultimate gown was a breakaway from the color scheme but drop dead breathtaking. The silver/pewter gown had beaded shoulders and flowing textures . The sweetheart neckline was complimented by a rouched stomach.

If I were advising a venture capital firm looking for a brand that might have a global reach, I would take a look at Reem Acra. While the financials are not disclosed and presumably the margins may be slim on such intricately manufactured gowns, this luxury line has staying power.

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