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Michigan, Notre Dame: Okay, Here's The Bright Side


I'm sure that Michigan Wolverines fans and Notre Dame fans are repulsed that their teams have started off the season 0-2. But, look at the bright side, at least tickets are a little bit more affordable. At the start of the season, tickets to this game--played in the Big House at Michigan--averaged $334 on

But, as both teams started losing, the price has dropped lower and lower. As of this morning, the average selling price of a ticket was down to $242 and some less than ideal endzone seats could be found for less than face value--unheard of for this game.

By the end of the week, I expect this week's game to average a StubHub selling price of more than $250 less than last's year's Notre Dame-Michigan game ($489). That was in South Bend, so there were 27,000 less seats available. At the time, Notre Dame was ranked No. 2 and Michigan was ranked 11th.

Despite the fact that Stubhub officials have said they have sold 60 percent more tickets to this game than last year's game, this year's dollar volume has not exceeded last year's totals.

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