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Reckless Reporting?


Occasionally I will hear from those of you who have read my blog and what you write has me wondering, "Are they right?" The latest example follows what I wrote about driving a Lamborghini in Italy at 150 MPH.

Upon reading that, I got this email from John in Florida: photo composite

"Since there is nowhere in Italy or California where you can legally drive over 80 mph, where are these cars going to be driven without breaking the law and posing a serious risk to other drivers? Were you the one driving 150 mph in the Italian countryside? If so, you are an irresponsible, reckless fool who should be put in jail and have his license revoked."

I forwarded this email on to a co-worker who told me she agrees with John.

So it has me wondering how an auto reporter is supposed to report on the cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles if we don't push them to their limits? And believe me, my 150 MPH is nowhere close to pushing a Lamborghini to the limit. But you get the point. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti. All of them are built to be driven fast. How else, except by seeing if the Bugatti Veyron actually could go 0-60 in under three seconds in France, would I be able to convey to readers and viewers the speed and power of the Bugatti?

But perhaps I'm wrong? I certainly understand where John and my co-worker are coming from. There are speed limits for our safety. And I'm certainly not trying to condone speeding at more than twice the speed limit.

So you tell me. Send me an e-mail with your thoughts of whether I'm reckless.

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