Where Is the Dow Headed Next: 13K or 15K?

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average hovering around 14,000, the question is where the blue-chip heads next: 13,000 or 15,000?

Dow's Next Stop

Andrew Burkley, market strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman, sees “plenty of bullish things,” including action by the Federal Reserve to strengthen liquidity.

“But a lot of the easy money off the lows has been made,” Burkeley warns. “The next few months will be a grind.”

Jordan Kimmel, portfolio manager at Magnet Investment Group, is much more optimistic

“It’s not all stocks that go up – you need to be selective,” he cautions. “But the fact is, money is coming in and the market is going higher.”

“We’re going to hit 18,000 before the next president is inaugurated,” Kimmel declared.