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"Chrysler Will Change" Proclaims Press


With a conviction Chrysler executives have lacked in the past, the automaker's new president, Jim Press emphatically told reporters Wednesday night the struggling American automaker will change.


I have to be honest, as I sat with two dozen other reporters, I fully expected confident comments from Press. But I was surprised a bit by his conviction that Chrysler will re-invent itself.

When asked how Chrysler will improve it's pipeline, and when it will be fixed, he said. "With relentless energy and you're never done.  You always have to get better"

When I asked him how quickly decisions are made under new parent Cerberus Capital he told me, "We made a decision (the right one) to cut capacity by a billion dollars, and it took one conference call and seven minutes. In other company's that's a two minute decision"

And most emphatically, Press told reporters, "There's nothing wrong at Chrysler. All the pieces are here to be successful"

Now, considering the man has been in the job just a few weeks, it's easy to dismiss his comments as false bravado.

But I think Press deserves and has earned the right for us to reserve judgment. I don't think Chrysler will be fixed tomorrow, it's problems are numerous.

But give the company credit, it's brought in a man with the confidence and conviction to take on fixing an automaker stalled.    

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