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On the Line: 'Microtrends' Author Mark Penn


It isn’t often that Cramer reads a book where “every page is money.” But Mark Penn’s “Microtrends,” about the small socioeconomic movements and trends that Americans are increasingly galvanizing around, is an investment playbook that can be used years to come, Cramer said.

Burson-Marsteller CEO

Penn told Cramer that many of the ideas and trends he outlines in “Microtrends” are not just ripe for predicting political and cultureal movements, but also present investment opportunities for people who can crystallize and identify the new marketplaces that are emerging and then figure out how to capitalize on them.

For instance, according to Penn, American women are working progressively more as first responders, construction workers and soldiers in the military - so-called "strength professions." Predicting this trend could ostensibly highlight stocks like Under Armour or lululemon , two athletic wear brands that are popular with women, Cramer said.

Also, in one of Penn's chapters, he notes that the average video game player in America is 33 years old. That's "astounding," he said, and presumably indicates that the more adults that play video games, the more their children are likely to play, too. When translated to the stock market, it’s a reason to buy GameStop , Cramer said.

Keeping up with trends that shape American culture is one of the surest ways to stay ahead in the market. America is a country of diversity and change, Penn said. New groups have new needs, and new needs present new opportunities to make money.

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