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Psychic Predicted Fires! (And Pats To Super Bowl?)


A psychic says he’s been predicting last week’s disastrous wildfires in California since 1994. Toronto psychic Anthony Carr claims that he’s long seen visions showing "fire and terror will decimate the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area. Some of which is natural, some of which is man made."

Um, well, predicting fire in Los Angeles is like predicting the Patriots will go to the Super Bowl. It happens. Regularly. And, correct me if I’m wrong, Beverly Hills was nowhere near the flames this time. But there’s always next time! One of these days…

Carr’s resume can be found on his website,, where he calls himself the “most documented” psychic. Check out the part where hecompares Osama bin Laden’s hand to Hitler’s. Eerie, dude.

Carr claims he predicted 9/11 (sure wish you’d told us about it beforehand) and “the murder of Pope John Paul I.” MURDER? He’s just released a new book called “Stargazer,” which he claims has gotten rave reviews from Sylvester Stallone (“This book really knocked me out!” Heh heh, funny, Rocky, knocked out, get it?)

Here’s my favorite part about Carr’s fire predictions, as reported by Flash News: "I saw great walls of fire and terrible flames around Goldie Hawn's aura but she won't be injured. I also saw dangerous fire around Streisand's Malibu mansion." Wow! How uncanny!

Goldie Hawn was NOT injured in the fires, and there WAS fire in Malibu, which is where Babs lives! Now if he’d predicted that Suzanne Somers would go 0 for 2 facing fires this year, I’d be impressed.

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