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Hold On Loosely

In a time when even Wall Street pros are panicking, you may think the best place for you money is a hole in your backyard. Well get a hold of yourself. If you're calm, smart and agile you can turn this nightmare market into a buying opportunity dream. You just need the right timing.

History shows that if you're not in the game during the tough times you'll miss the day when a new bull market is born. Take a look at how important timing has been over the past 40 years.

$1 Invested in S&P 500 Starting in 1966

If you simply "bought and held" $1 would've grown to $16.58 today. However…
- If you remove the 5 best days of each year $1 would've shrunk to $0.11 cents
- If you remove the worst 5 days of each year $1 would've grown to $2,521

Source: Birinyi Associates


CNBC's Suze Orman joins the panel for this conversation. Following is a synopsis of her main points.

Playing Defense

Market timing is difficult, isn’t it?

It’s hard enough for the professionals says Suze Orman. But for an individual investor it’s next to impossible. But here’s what you do, she says. Listen to experts then buy for the long term. You can make a fortune if you just stay in mutual funds, exchange traded funds or stocks.

When do you know it’s time to sell?

I listen to the pros like the Fast Money traders, Orman replies. If the story makes sense then I say stay with it. But when it doesn’t make sense anymore – why would you hold onto what you already have? Then it’s time to sell.

Does the rate cut matter to individual investors?

Yes! People with savings accounts are seeing smaller and smaller returns, Orman replies. I think they should be buying ETFs which would probably generate larger returns.

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Hold On Loosely

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