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Super Bowl XLII--The Financial Winners


Eli Manning: He's going to get a shot at becoming a big-time endorser. Can he do it? What companies will try to sign him? He's now put himself in the position to get deals.

The 1972 Dolphins: The Reebok ad wasn't their last hurrah after all. The revenue stream that comes every year to the likes of Bob Griese, Larry Czonka and Mercury Morris is still alive and well. If the Patriots won, I've been told their yearly appearance money would be cut in half.

Steiner Sports & Modell's: The New York-based memorabilia company has a co-exclusive deal with Eli and exclusives with Osi Umenyora, Michael Strahan, Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Amani Toomer, Plaxico Burress and Antonio Pierce and could add a bunch more. Modell's, the east coast sporting goods chain also based in New York, does a robust business and was one of the key beneficiaries of the four Yankees championships from 1996-2000.

Giants' Gamblers: If you took the Giants straight up on the money line, you could have pulled in $400 for every $100 you bet. (For those scoring at home, Jordin Sparks easily hit the over on the National Anthem singing it in 1:53 - nearly matching her last YouTube time).

IMG: The firm represents both Manning (for marketing) and New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin for contract and marketing. Can you say Ka-ching?

Oreo: So I don't think the commercial is that funny, but what was the last spot to have the last two Super Bowl MVP's in the same spot?

New York Post: They say they have a trademark pending on 18-1. To capitalize on it, they likely will just have to go with generic Giants blue items because it's doubtful the NFL will give them rights to logos.

Giants on the Money Line

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