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Mad Mail: Humana or UnitedHealth?

Dear Cramer:I was so happy to hear my two heroes on the same show… Great job on Howard [Stern's] show. I appreciated your honesty about the Sirius - XM merger. I hope that Howard's and your voices will be heard by our government and they approve the merger. Keep up the good work. --Joe

Cramer's Mad Mail

Cramer says:"In four weeks, believe it or not, this merger will have taken longer than how much time it took the government to approve Exxon Mobile . Is that an outrage?" Cramer also said he got the idea for his dirty linoleum floor from Stern's Private Parts, and "Howard has been an inspiration to me and I was honored to be on his show."


Dear Jim:Heard you on the Stern show yesterday morning, it was great. I own MicroStrategy(bought at $79). I only bought because I have been watching trends on this stock for about four years, and it consistently takes huge dives and huge rebounds (52-week is $60 and $133). It went way up after I bought and then I rode the wave down to yesterday where they blew their earnings. So my question is, is this just another dip in their life or is it really time to let go? --JT

Cramer says:"I read the story in the Washington Post. I was not encouraged. I think this was a real decline, and I don't expect the stock to bounce back any time soon."