'Appetite'-Driven Stocks from a 5-Star Manager

Andrew Fisher

Five-star fund manager James Moffett is watching the world's appetites:  The insatiable hunger for oil, and the appetites that have sent the world's caloric intake -- and diabetes cases -- soaring.

He named stocks of two international companies.

His UMB Scout International Fund is up an average of 20.13 percent per year over the last five years.

Moffett's first pick is Brazilian oil producer Petrobras.

"The energy story is for real," he told CNBC.  "The supply-demand balance worldwide is strong, so that prices are going to hold up for oil."

Moffett says Petrobras is one of the few oil companies in the world that is expanding production -- and recalls the recent promising discoveries in an oil field off the Brazilian coast.

"We think within the sector, it's an attractive way to play energy," he said.

Five-Star Picks

Another global pick from Moffett is Denmark's Novo Nordisk, the world's largest supplier of insulin.

"Unfortunately, there's a worldwide diabetic epidemic," he explained. "These guys sell the end cure."

"The threat to them is that somebody's going to come along with a cure for diabetes, which [currently] doesn't look very likely," "